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How can I help with Tsunami relief?

Oxfam America

"As an affiliate of Oxfam International, Oxfam America works with local partners to offer emergency relief services and development programs when disaster strikes. Following the December 26th earthquake and tsunamis, Boston-based Oxfam America became the key provider of clean water and sanitation services in India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

800-77-OXFAM (800-776-9326)

How can I help with Tsunami relief?

BAPS Care International

"BAPS Care International, a nonprofit social service charity with over 50 years experience in humanitarian activities worldwide, is expanding its relief efforts in the areas of Southern Asia most affected by the tsunamis. BAPS Care International is providing drinking water, medical assistance, household materials, and clean-up assistance to displaced and distressed families in India.

How can I help with Tsunami relief?

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross responds to over 67,000 emergency situations each year. American Red Cross workers in Asia are working to provide water sanitation, relief supplies, and family reunification services to areas affected by the December 26th tsunamis. Monetary donations enable the American Red Cross to purchase needed relief items locally, eliminating transportation and shipping costs.

How can I help with Tsunami relief?

World Vision

"World Vision, a Christian relief organization dedicated to helping children worldwide, is providing food, bottled water, medicine, and household items to the areas of Southern Asia hardest hit by the December 26th tsunamis. World Vision staff members out posted in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India responded immediately to the tsunami emergency. http://www.kintera.org/site/pp.asp?c=fvKVLbMVIwG&b=277262&campaign=1274434&cmp=KNC-1274434&source=goog&keyword=tsunami%20relief

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